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Welcome to Winged Victory
where Political-correctness will never dictate what I design.*

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My ETSY shop, Winged Victory 365, is being updated! I’m also excited to have two shirt campaigns up at TeeSpring, a commercial screen-printing community. Please check them out, as the orders close September 12th.


Regardless of sales location, all of the shirts I’ll offer will carry my exclusive original designs. Etsy items, however, are for me like “artist-proofs” are for printmakers: I can easily experiment with color combinations and layouts before locking-in a TeeSpring campaign.

Here’s what makes an ARTISAN Tee-SHIRT

The Hand-Stenciling done by me (using color-plates cut by me), one at a time, on-demand and in-house (in TEXAS, U.S.A.);

The absence of overseas Slave-labor and Illegal-labor (no offense meant to TeeSpring; their shirts are all printed in the USA and therefore subject to US labor laws!);

Have a favorite tee-shirt? I can likely get the same “base t-shirt,” probably in just a couple of days, from Amazon. (I use only well-known brands like Gildan, Hanes, Bella+Canvas, and more, in your choice of cotton, blends, and those amazing tri-blends).

And the result? A most unique t-shirt because even when a TeeSpring campaign of the same design is printed, the hand-done “artist’s proof” is always one-of-a-kind.



e-mail: wholebrainarts-at-verizon-dot-net;
or Skype me: Patrice Stanton.



*For example, I will NOT comply with Sharia “law.” Did you read how Sears pulled an “Infidel” hat offline/out-of-stores because a Muslim complained? And of course there was the same hop-to-it enthusiasm to perform Confederate-flag exorcisms throughout the land earlier this year. But here at Winged-Victory? Not-so-much.



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